Creative Fees:
One Hour: $200
Two Hours: $400
Three Hours: $600
Four Hours: $800
Five Hours: $1,000
Six to Eight Hours: $1,200
Nine Hours: $1,400
Ten Hours: $1, 600
Eleven Hours: $1,800
Twelve Hours: $2,000
*Time on the half hour is billed at $100, and time beyond the half hour rounds up to the next hour.

Photographic Assistant: A photo assistant will be billed at a rate of $150 per day on jobs in which they are needed.

Professional Lighting: A two hour minimum is billed when professional lighting is used.

Editing Fees: Typical editing and toning are included in the price. Custom editing, cutouts, and retouching are billed at $100 per hour.

Mileage Fees: Mileage fees will be assessed at 75 cents per mile, round trip, for any assignment destination beyond 50 miles from 214 Primrose Circle, Richmond, KY. Mileage fees are subject to change based on the cost of fuel.

Travel Time: Travel time is billed at $50 per hour, for assignment destinations beyond 50 miles from
214 Primrose Circle, Richmond, KY.

Overnight Requirements: If an assignment requires an overnight stay, motels that are at least in line with The Hampton Inn or a Holiday Inn Express are required.

Delivery: Most all assignments are delivered free of charge electronically with an online gallery and password. CDs & DVDs are shipped U.S. Priority Mail at $15 per disc for shipping and handling. Any overnight shipping via Fed Ex or UPS will also be billed to client.

Payment Schedule: Upon completion of the photo shoot, Tim Webb Photography will produce a detailed invoice, after which payment will be due within 30 days of receiving the invoice. If payment is not received within 30 days, Tim Webb reserves the right to revoke any usage rights to the photos.

Grant of Rights: The right to use Tim Webb’s photographs is non-exclusive, and his photographs are protected under Federal Copyright Laws. Copyright can only be transferred with written permission. Photos may not be transferred or sold to other persons, companies or entities, without permission from Tim Webb Photography. Unless photos are of a proprietary nature, they may be used for marketing and promotional purposes for Tim Webb Photography.